Saturday, June 9, 2007


A view from the corona of a medium yellow star. Includes a planet in the background, some stars, and a nova star.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Earth Nova

In this starscape the earth is in view just as the sun goes nova. Three other bright stars are visable aswell, are they expanding too? Please post your thoughts, comments are open to all.

Mars Moon and Sun

Here's a view from Mars of the Sun as it heats up blue. My favorite part of this one are the spokes eminating from the sun.

Dissident Space

Here's an old starscape/spacescape that features a famous prime number from a few years back.

Dark Star

This starscape, entitled "Dark Star", is a picture of a not too distant pulsar surrounded by other stars and anomalies. Tell me your thoughts on it.

A cyber painting

This digital painting shows some of my programs and has some nice lettering.

Packet Error

This is a impression of what happens when you lose your connection to the internet or it becomes intermitten.


Here's a fusion of modern computer technolgical underpinnings with the ancient magesty of space. A spacescape and generated IP addresses combine to form a nice background. What are your thoughts?

Spacescape II

A young blue star burns bright among the haze of the cloud from which it came forth. What seems to be a gas planet is visible in the foreground and another planet is seen through the haze, its details obscured.

OSS Earth Eclipse

This digital painting is of a full eclipse of the sun by the earth. In the center of the picture is "OSS" meaning Open Source Software (I write some opensource programs). I hope that this finds it's way onto may a desktop background. In the optical haze you can see some stars around the earth making a sort of a halo starscape. Tell me what you think.

Dueling Stars

Here are a couple of dueling stars on a dark black spacescape. Perhaps they are two stars somehow stranded in deepspace. Tell me what you think.

Novatoruim: The Red Planet

This is a digital painting of the view just past Mars of when the sun goes nova. Tell me what you think about it :). It was made using the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (The GIMP) and public domain NASA photographs of Mars.